Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Tribute

Remembering the men and women in the armed forces who gave their lives in the War on Terrorism over the past year.

May 30
May 29
May 28

Army Spc. Adam S. Hamilton, 22, of Kent, OH
May 27
Army Pfc. John C. Johnson, 28, of Phoenix, AZ
May 26
Army Chief Warrant Officer Christopher R. Thibodeau, 28, of Chesterland, OH
Air Force Staff Sgt. Joseph J. Hamski, 28, of Ottumwa, IA
Air Force Tech. Sgt. Kristoffer M. Solesbee, 32, of Citrus Heights, CA
Army 1st Lt. John M. Runkle, 27, of West Salem, OH
Army Staff Sgt. Edward D. Mills Jr., 29, of New Castle, PA
Army Staff Sgt. Ergin V. Osman, 35, of Jacksonville, NC
Army Sgt. Thomas A. Bohall, 25, of Bel Aire, KS
Army Sgt. Louie A. Ramos Velazquez, 39, of Camuy, Puerto Rico
Army Spc. Adam J. Patton, 21, of Port Orchard, WA
May 25
May 24
May 23

Army Staff Sgt. Kristofferson B. Lorenzo, 33, of Chula Vista, CA
Army Pfc. William S. Blevins, 21, of Sardinia, OH
Army Pvt. Andrew M. Krippner, 20, Garland, TX
Army Pvt. Thomas C. Allers, 23, of Plainwell, MI
May 22
Army Sgt. 1st Class Clifford E. Beattie, 37, of Medical Lake, WA
Army Pfc. Ramon Mora Jr., 19, of Ontario, CA
May 21
May 20
May 19
May 18

Army Cpl. Brandon M. Kirton, 25, of Centennial, CO
May 17
May 16

Army Staff Sgt. David D. Self, 29, of Pearl, MS
Army Spc. Bradley L. Melton, 29, Rolla, MO
Army Pvt. Lamarol J. Tucker, 26, of Gainesville, FL
Army Pvt. Cheizray Pressley, 21, of North Charleston, SC
May 15
Army Spc. Brian D. Riley Jr., 24, of Longwood, FL
May 14
Army Sgt. Robert C. Schlote, 26, of Norfolk, NE
May 13
Army Sgt. Amaru Aguilar, 26, of Miami, FL
May 12
Marine Sgt. Kevin B. Balduf, 27, of Nashville, TN
Marine Lt. Col. Benjamin J. Palmer, 43, of Modesto, CA
May 11
May 10

Army 1st Lt. Demetrius M. Frison, 26, of Lancaster, PA
May 9
Army Sgt. Ken K. Hermogino, 30, of Bakersfield, CA
May 8
May 7
May 6
May 5
May 4

Army Spc. Riley S. Spaulding, 21, of Sheridan, TX
May 3
May 2

Army Cpl. Kevin W. White, 22, of Westfield, NY
May 1
April 30
April 29

Army Pfc. Robert M. Friese, 21, of Chesterfield, MI
April 28
Army Spc. Preston J. Dennis, 23, of Redding, CA
Army Sgt. Matthew D. Hermanson, 22, of Appleton, WI
Marine Lance Cpl. Ronald D. Freeman, 25, of Plant City, FL
April 27
Army Pfc. Jonathan M. Villanueva, 19, of Jacksonville, FL
Army Spc. Andrew E. Lara, 25, of Albany, OR
Army Cpl. Adam D. Jones, 29, of Germantown, OH
Air Force Maj. Philip D. Ambard, 44, of Edmonds, WA
Air Force Maj. Jeffrey O. Ausborn, 41, of Gadsden, AL
Air Force Maj. David L. Brodeur, 34, of Auburn, MA
Air Force Master Sgt. Tara R. Brown, 33, of Deltona, FL
Air Force Lt. Col. Frank D. Bryant Jr., 37, of Knoxville, TN
Air Force Maj. Raymond G. Estelle II, 40, of New Haven, CT
Air Force Capt. Nathan J. Nylander, 35, of Hockley, TX
Air Force Capt. Charles A. Ransom, 31, of Midlothian, VA
April 26
April 25
April 24
Marine Sgt. David P. Day, 26, of Gaylord, MI
Army Sgt. 1st Class Bradley S. Hughes, 41, of Newark, OH
April 23
Army Sgt. 1st Class Benjamin F. Bitner, 37, of Greencastle, PA
Marine Sgt. Sean T. Callahan, 23, of Warrenton, VA
Marine Lance Cpl. Dominic J. Ciaramitaro, 19, of South Lyon, MI
Army CWO, Terry L. Varnadore II, 29, of Hendersonville, NC
Army Staff Sgt. James A. Justice, 32, of Grimes, IA
April 22
Army Capt. Joshua M. McClimans, 30, of Akron, OH
Army Sgt. John P. Castro, 25, of Andrews, TX
Army 1st Lt. Omar J. Vazquez, 25, of Hamilton, NJ
Army Pfc. Antonio G. Stiggins, 25, of Rio Rancho, NM
April 21
April 20
April 19
Army Pfc. John F. Kihm, 19, of Philadelphia, PA
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Micah Aaron Hill, 27, of Ralston, NE
April 18
Army Spc. Sonny J. Moses, 22, of Koror, Palau
April 17
April 16
Army Capt. Charles E. Ridgley Jr., 40, of Baltimore, MD
Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles L. Adkins, 36, of Sandusky, OH
Army Staff Sgt. Cynthia R. Taylor, 39, of Columbus, GA
Army Sgt. Linda L. Pierre, 28, Immokalee, FL
Army Spc. Joseph B. Cemper, 21, Warrensburg, MO
Army Spc. Paul J. Atim, 27, of Green Bay, WI
Army Spc. Charles J. Wren, 25, of Beeville, TX
Army Pfc. Joel A. Ramirez, 22, of Waxahachie, TX
April 15
Army Spc. Joseph A. Kennedy, 25, of St. Paul, MN
April 14
April 13
Army Spc. Donald L. Nichols, 21, of Shell Rock, IA
April 12
April 11
Army Sgt. Brent M. Maher, 31, of Council Bluffs, IA
April 10
Army Pvt. Brandon T. Pickering, 21, of Fort Thomas, KY
Army Sgt. Vorasack T. Xaysana, 30, of Westminster, CO
Army Staff Sgt. Jose M. Caraballo Pietri, 32, of Yauco, Puerto Rico
April 9
April 8
April 7
Army Sgt. Keith T. Buzinski, 26, of Daytona Beach, FL
Marine Staff Sgt. Jason A. Rogers, 28, of Brandon, MS
April 6
Navy Seaman Benjamin D. Rast, 23, of Niles, MI
Marine Staff Sgt. Jeremy D. Smith, 26, of Arlington, TX
April 5
Army Spc. Gary L. Nelson III, 20, of Woodstock, GA
April 4
Army Capt. Wesley J. Hinkley, 36, of Carlisle, PA
Army Sgt. Scott H. Burgess, 32, of Franklin, TX
Army Sgt. Michael S. Lammerts, 26, of Tonawanda, NY
April 3
Army Sgt. Jorge A. Scatliffe, 32, of St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Army 1st Lt. Robert F. Welch III, 26, of Denton, TX
Marine Lance Cpl. Harry Lew, 21, of Santa Clara, CA
April 2
Army Staff Sgt. Quadi S. Hudgins, 26, of New Orleans, LA
Army Sgt. Christian A. S. Garcia, 30, of Goodyear, AZ
April 1
March 31
Army Spc. Dennis C. Poulin, 26, of Cumberland, RI
March 30
March 29
Army Pvt. Jeremy P. Faulkner, 23, of Griffin, GA
Army Staff Sgt. Bryan A. Burgess, 29, of Cleburne, TX
Army Pfc. Dustin J. Feldhaus, 20, of Glendale, AZ
Army Sgt. 1st Class Ofren Arrechaga, 28, of Hialeah, FL
Army Staff Sgt. Frank E. Adamski III, 26, of Moosup, CT
Army Spc. Jameson L. Lindskog, 23, of Pleasanton, CA
March 28
March 27
March 26
Army Spc. Justin D. Ross, 22, of Green Bay, WI
March 25
March 24
March 23
March 22
Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Vincent A. Filpi III, 41, of Fort Walton Beach, FL
Army Staff Sgt. Joshua S. Gire, 28, of Chillicothe, OH
Army Pfc. Michael C. Mahr, 26, of Homosassa, FL
March 21
Army Cpl. Brandon S. Hocking, 24, of Seattle, WA
March 20
Marine Staff Sgt. James M. Malachowski, 25, of Westminster, MD
March 19
Army Staff Sgt. Mecolus C. McDaniel, 33, of Fort Hood, TX
Army Cpl. Donald R. Mickler Jr., 29, of Bucyrus, OH
Army Pfc. Rudy A. Acosta, 19, of Canyon Country, CA
March 18
Army Master Sgt. Jamal H. Bowers, 41, of Raleigh, NC
March 17
Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher S. Meis, 20, of Bennett, CO
March 16
Air Force Senior Airman Michael J. Hinkle II, 24, of Corona, CA
Army Staff Sgt. Travis M. Tompkins, 31, of Lawton, OK
March 15
March 14
March 13
March 12
Army Pfc. Arturo E. Rodriguez, 19, of Bellflower, CA
Army Sgt. 1st Class Daehan Park, 36, of Watertown, CT
March 11
Marine Cpl. Ian M. Muller, 22, of Danville, VT
Army Pfc. Andrew M. Harper, 19, of Maidsville, WV
March 10
Army Staff Sgt. Eric S. Trueblood, 27, of Alameda, CA
March 9
Army Cpl. Loren M. Buffalo, 20, of Mountain Pine, AR
Army Spc. Andrew P. Wade, 22, of Antioch, IL
March 8
Army Pfc. Kalin C. Johnson, 19, of Lexington, SC
March 7
March 6
March 5
Army Staff Sgt. Mark C. Wells, 31, of San Jose, CA
March 4
Army Sgt. Adam D. Craig, 23, of Cherokee, IA
Marine Cpl. Jordan R. Stanton, 20, of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
March 3
Army Spc. Jason M. Weaver, 22, of Anaheim, CA
March 2
Air Force Senior Airman Nicholas J. Alden, 25, of Williamston, SC
March 1
February 28
Army Spc. Rudolph R. Hizon 22, of Los Angeles, CA
Army Pfc. David R. Fahey Jr., 23, of Norwalk, CT
Army Staff Sgt. Chauncy R. Mays, 25, of Cookville, TX
Army Spc. Christopher G. Stark, 22, of Monett, MO
February 27
Army Cpl. Andrew C. Wilfahrt, 31, of Rosemount, MN
Army Spc. Brian Tabada, 21, of Las Vegas, NV
Army Sgt. Kristopher J. Gould, 25, of Saginaw, MI
February 26
February 25
February 24
Army Staff Sgt. Jerome Firtamag, 29, of Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
February 23
February 22
Marine Cpl. Johnathan W. Taylor, 23, of Homosassa, FL
February 21
Army Sgt. Robert C. Sisson Jr., 29, of Aliquippa, PA
February 20
Army 1st Lt. Daren M. Hidalgo, 24, of Waukesha, WI
February 19
Marine Lance Cpl. Andrew P. Carpenter, 27, of Columbia, TN
February 18
Marine Sgt. Matthew J. Deyoung, 26, of Talent, OR
February 17
Army Staff Sgt. Bradley C. Hart, 25, of Perrysburg, OH
Army Spc. Jonathan A. Pilgeram, 22, of Great Falls, MT
Air Force Airman 1st Class Corey C. Owens, 26, of San Antonio, TX
Air Force Airman 1st Class Christoffer P. Johnson, 20, of Clarksville, TN
February 16
February 15
Army Spc. Lashawn D. Evans, 24, of Columbia, SC
February 14
February 13
February 12
February 11
February 10
February 9
February 8
Army Spc. Nathan B. Carse, 32, of Harrod, OH
February 7
Marine Lance Cpl. Aaron M. Swanson, 21, of Jamestown, NY
Army Sgt. Patrick R. Carroll, 25, of Norwalk, OH
February 6
February 5
Marine Cpl. Lucas T. Pyeatt, 24, of West Chester, OH
February 4
February 3
February 2
February 1
Army Spc. Ryan A. Gartner, 23, of Dumont, NJ
January 31
Army Spc. Omar Soltero, 28, of San Antonio, TX
January 30
January 29
Army Spc. Joshua R. Campbell, 22, of Bennett, CO
Army Spc. Shawn A. Muhr, 26, of Coon Rapids, IA
January 28
Army Sgt. 1st Class Anthony Venetz Jr., 30, of Wading River, NY
January 27
January 26
January 25
Air Force Tech. Sgt. Leslie D. Williams, 36, of Juneau, AK
January 24
January 23
January 22
January 21
January 20
Army Pfc. Amy R. Sinkler, 23, of Chadbourn, NC
Marine Sgt. Jason G. Amores, 29, of Lehigh Acres, FL
January 19
Navy Petty Officer Dominique Cruz, 26, of Panama City, FL
Army Spc. Joshua T. Lancaster, 22, of Millbrook, AL
January 18
January 17
Marine Cpl. Joseph C. Whitehead, 22, of Axis, AL
Army Maj. Michael S. Evarts, 41, of Concord, OH
January 16
January 15
Army Spc. Jose A. Torre, Jr., 21, of Garden Grove, CA
Army Sgt. Michael P. Bartley, 23, of Barnhill, IL
Army Spc. Martin J. Lamar, 43, of Sacramento, CA
January 14
January 13
January 12
Army Pfc. Zachary S. Salmon, 21, of Harrison, OH
Army Maj. Evan J. Mooldyk, 47, of Ranch Murieto, CA
Army Sgt. Zainah C. Creamer, 28, of Texarkana, TX
Army Sgt. Omar Aceves, 30, of El Paso, TX
Army Spc. Jarrid L. King, 20, of Erie, PA
Army Pfc. Benjamin G. Moore, 23, of Robbinsville, NJ
January 11
January 10
January 9
January 8
January 7
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph R. Giese, 24, of Winder, GA
Army Spc. Ethan C. Hardin, 25, of Fayetteville, AR
Army Pfc. Robert J. Near, 21, of Nampa, ID
January 6
January 5
Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert W. Pharris, 48, of Seymour, MO
Army Spc. Christian J. Romig, 24, of Kenner, LA
Army Sgt. Eric M. Nettleton, 26, of Wichita, KS
January 4
January 3
January 2
Marine Cpl. Jacob A. Tate, 21, of Columbus, OH
Army Sgt. Jose M. Cintron Rosado, 38, of Vega Alta, Puerto Rico
Army Spc. Jose A. Delgado Arroyo, 41, of San Juan, Puerto Rico
January 1
Marine Lance Cpl. Maung P. Htaik, 20, of Hagerstown, MD
December 31
Army Sgt. Michael J. Beckerman, 25, of Ste. Genevieve, MO
December 30
December 29
December 28
Marine Cpl. Tevan L. Nguyen, 21, of Hutto, TX
December 27
Marine Sgt. Garrett A. Misener, 25, of Cordova, TN
December 26
December 25
December 24
Marine Lance Cpl. Kenneth A. Corzine, 23, of Bethalto, IL
December 23
December 22
December 21
Marine Lance Cpl. William H. Crouse IV, 22, of Woodruff, SC
December 20
December 19
Army Pfc. Conrado D. Javier Jr., 19, of Marina, CA
December 18
Marine Cpl. Eric M. Torbert Jr., 25, of Lancaster, PA
December 17
Marine Lance. Cpl. Jose L. Maldonado, 21, of Mathis, TX
December 16
Marine Cpl. Sean A. Osterman, 21, of Princeton, MN
December 15
Army Spc. Sean R. Cutsforth, 22, of Radford, VA
Marine Staff Sgt. Justin E. Schmalstieg, 28, of Pittsburgh, PA
December 14
Marine Lance Cpl. Jose A. Hernandez, 19, of West Palm Beach, FL
December 13
December 12
Army Cpl. Sean M. Collins, 25, of Ewa Beach, HI
Army Cpl. Willie A. McLawhorn Jr., 23, of Conway, NC
Army Spc. Patrick D. Deans, 22 of Orlando, FL
Army Spc. Kenneth E. Necochea Jr., 21, of San Diego, CA
Army Spc. Derek T. Simonetta, 21, of Redwood City, CA
Army Spc. Jorge E. Villacis, 24, of Sunrise, FL
December 11
Army Spc. Ethan L. Goncalo, 21, of Fall Rivers, MA
December 10
Marine Staff Sgt. Stacy A. Green, 34, of Alexander City, AL
December 9
December 8
Army Pfc. David D. Finch, 24, of Bath Springs, TN
Marine Lance Cpl. Michael E. Geary, 20, of Derry, NH
Army Sgt. James A. Ayube, II, 25, of Salem, MA
Army Spc. Kelly J. Mixon, 23, of Yulee, FL
December 7
Marine Sgt. Jason D. Peto, 31, of Vancouver, WA
December 6
Marine Pfc. Colton W. Rusk, 20, of Orange Grove, TX
Marine Cpl. Derek A. Wyatt, 25, of Akron, OH
December 5
Marine Sgt. Nicholas J. Aleman, 24, of Brooklyn, NY
Army Staff Sgt. Jason A. Reeves, 32, of Odessa, TX
December 4
Army Staff Sgt. Vincent W. Ashlock, 45, of Seaside, CA
December 3
Marine Lance Cpl. Lucas C. Scott, 20, of Peebles, OH
December 2
Army SFC James E. Thode, 45, of Kirtland, NM
Marine Sgt. Matthew T. Abbate, 26, of Honolulu, HI
December 1
Marine Cpl. Chad S. Wade, 22, of Bentonville, AR
November 30
Army 1st. Lt. Scott F. Milley, 23, of Sudbury, MA
November 29
Army Sgt. 1st Class Barry E. Jarvis, 36, of Tell City, IN
Army Staff Sgt. Curtis A. Oakes, 29, of Athens, OH
Army Spc. Matthew W. Ramsey, 20, of Quartz Hill, CA
Army Pfc. Jacob A. Gassen, 21, of Beaver Dam, WI
Army Pfc. Austin G. Staggs, 19, of Senoia, GA
Army Pvt. Buddy W. McLain, 24, of Mexico, ME
November 28
November 27
Army Pvt. Devon J. Harris, 24, of Mesquite, TX
November 26
November 25
Marine 1st Lt. William J. Donnelly IV, 27, of Picayune, MS
November 24
Marine Lance Cpl. Arden Joseph A. Buenagua, 19, of San Jose, CA
November 23
November 22
Army Staff Sgt. Sean M. Flannery, 29, of Wyomissing, PA
Army Spc. William K. Middleton, 26, of Norfolk, VA
November 21
Army Sgt. David J. Luff Jr., 29, of Hamilton, OH
November 20
Army Spc. David S. Robinson, 25, of Fort Smith, AR
November 19
Army Staff Sgt. Loleni W. Gandy, 36, of Pago Pago, American Samoa
Marine Sgt. Jason T. Smith, 28, of Colorado Springs, CO
November 18
November 17
Army Spc. Justin E. Culbreth, 26, of Colorado Springs, CO
Army Pfc. Kyle M. Holder, 18, of Conroe, TX
November 16
Air Force Lt. Col. Gwendolyn A. Locht, 46, of Fort Walton Beach, FL
Marine Staff Sgt. Javier O. Ortiz Rivera, 26, of Rochester, NY
Army Staff Sgt. Kevin M. Pape, 30, of Fort Wayne, IN
November 15
Army Staff Sgt. David P. Senft, 27, of Grass Valley, CA
November 14
Army Spc. Shane H. Ahmed, 31, of Chesterfield, MI
Army Spc. Nathan E. Lillard, 26, of Knoxville, TN
Army Spc. Scott T. Nagorski, 27, of Greenfield, WI
Army Spc. Jesse A. Snow, 25, of Fairborn, OH
Army Pfc. Christian M. Warriner, 19, of Mills River, NC
November 13
Army Staff Sgt. Juan L. Rivadeneira, 27, of Davie, FL
Army Cpl. Jacob R. Carver, 20, of Freeman, MO
Army Spc. Jacob C. Carroll, 20, of Clemmons, NC
November 12
Army Spc. Shannon Chihuahua, 25, of Thomasville, GA
Army Cpl. Shawn D. Fannin, 32, of Wheelersburg, OH
Air Force Senior Airman Andrew S. Bubacz, 23, of Dalzell, SC
November 11
Army Spc. David C. Lutes, 28, of Frostburg, MD
November 10
Army Sgt. Edward H. Bolen, 25, of Chittenango, NY
Marine Lance Cpl. James B. Stack, 20, of Arlington Heights, IL
November 9
Marine Lance Cpl. Dakota R. Huse, 19, of Greenwood, LA
Marine 2nd Lt. Robert M. Kelly, 29, of Tallahassee, FL
November 8
Army Spc. Andrew L. Hutchins, 20, of New Portland, ME
Army Spc. Anthony Vargas, 27, of Reading, PA
November 7
Army Sgt. Aaron B. Cruttenden, 25, of Mesa, AZ
Army Spc. Dale J. Kridlo, 33, Hughestown, PA
November 6
Marine Lance Cpl. Randy R. Braggs, 21, of Sierra Vista, AZ
Army Pfc. Shane M. Reifert, 23, of Cottrellville, MI
November 5
Marine Staff Sgt. Jordan B. Emrick, 26, of Hoyleton, IL
Army Sgt. Michael F. Paranzino, 22, of Middletown, RI
Army Spc. Blake D. Whipple, 21, of Williamsville, NY
November 4
Army Sgt. Jason J. McCluskey, 26, of McAlester, OK
Marine Lance Cpl. Brandon W. Pearson, 21, of Arvada, CO
Marine Lance Cpl. Matthew J. Broehm, 22, of Flagstaff, AZ
November 3
Army Spc. James C. Young, 25, of Rochester, IL
Army Sgt. 1st Class Todd M. Harris, 37, of Tucson, AZ
November 2
Marine 1st Lt. James R. Zimmerman, 25, of Aroostook, ME
November 1
Army Spc. Jonathan M. Curtis, 24, of Belmont, MA
Army Pfc. Andrew N. Meari, 21, of Plainfield, IL
October 31
October 30
Army Spc. Brett W. Land, 24, of Wasco, CA
October 29
Army Spc. Diego A. Solorzanovaldovinos, 24, of Huntington Park, CA
Army Spc. Pedro A. Maldonado, 20, of Houston, TX
October 28
Army Staff Sgt. Adam L. Dickmyer, 26, of Winston Salem, NC
October 27
Marine Lance Cpl. Terry E. Honeycutt Jr., 19, of Waldorf, MD
Army Sgt. Michael D. Kirspel Jr., 23, of Hopatcong, NJ
October 26
Army Sgt. 1st Class Phillip C. Tanner, 43, of Sheridan, WY
October 25
October 24
Army Pfc. David R. Jones Jr., 21, of Saint Johnsville, NY
Army Spc. Thomas A. Moffitt, 21, of Wichita, KS
Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles M. Sadell, 34, of Columbia, MO
Army Spc. Steven L. Dupont, 20, of Lafayette, LA
October 23
Army Spc. Ronnie J. Pallares, 19, of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
October 22
Army Staff Sgt. Aracely Gonzalez O’Malley, 31, of Brawley, CA
October 21
Army Staff Sgt. Kenneth K. McAninch, 28, of Logansport, IN
October 20
Army Spc. Gerald R. Jenkins, 19, of Circleville, OH
October 19
Marine Lance Cpl. Francisco R. Jackson, 24, of Elizabeth, NJ
Marine Staff Sgt. Joshua J. Cullins, 28, of Simi Valley, CA
October 18
October 17
Marine Cpl. Jorge Villarreal Jr., 22, of San Antonio, TX
October 16
Marine Sgt. Ian M. Tawney, 25, of Dallas, OR
Army Pfc. Dylan T. Reid, 24, of Springfield, MO
October 15
Marine Lance Cpl. James D. Boelk, 24, of Oceanside, CA
October 14
Army Sgt. Eric C. Newman, 30, of Waynesboro, MS
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph C. Lopez, 26, of Rosamond, CA
Marine Lance Cpl. Alec E. Catherwood, 19, of Byron, IL
Marine Lance Cpl. Irvin M. Ceniceros, 21, of Clarksville, AR
Army Sgt. Carlos A. Benitez, 24, of Carrollton, TX
Army Spc. Rafael Martinez Jr., 36, of Spring Valley, CA
Army Pfc. Tramaine J. Billingsley, 20, of Portsmouth, VA
October 13
Army Pfc. Jordan M. Byrd, 19, of Grantsville, UT
Marine Cpl. Justin J. Cain, 22, of Manitowoc, WI
Marine Lance Cpl. Phillip D. Vinnedge, 19, of Saint Charles, MO
Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph E. Rodewald, 21, of Albany, OR
Marine Pfc. Victor A. Dew, 20, of Granite Bay, CA
Marine Lance Cpl. Raymon L. A. Johnson, 22, of Midland, GA
October 12
Army Spc. Matthew C. Powell, 20, of Slidell, LA
October 11
Marine Sgt. Frank R. Zaehringer III, 23, of Reno, NV
October 10
Army Staff Sgt. Dave J. Weigle, 29, of Philadelphia, PA
Army Spc. David A. Hess, 25, of Ruskin, FL
October 9
October 8
Marine Lance Cpl. John T. Sparks, 23, of Chicago, IL
Navy Hospital Corpsman Edwin Gonzalez, 22, of North Miami Beach, FL
October 7
October 6
Marine Cpl. Stephen C. Sockalosky, 21, of Cordele, GA
Marine Lance Cpl. Scott A. Lynch, 22, of Greenwood Lake, NY
October 5
Air Force Senior Airman Daniel J. Johnson, 23, of Schiller Park, IL
October 4
Army Pfc. Ryane G. Clark, 22, of New London, MN
Army Sgt. Karl A. Campbell, 34, of Chiefland, FL
Army Pfc. Cody A. Board, 19, of McKinney, TX
Army Spc. Joseph T. Prentler, 20, of Fenwick, MI
October 3
October 2
Army Sgt. Brian J. Pedro, 27, of Rosamond, CA
October 1
Army Sgt. 1st Class Lance H. Vogeler, 29, of Frederick, MD
Marine Sgt. Anthony D. Matteoni, 22, of Union City, MI
Army Staff Sgt. Willie J. Harley Jr., 48, of Aiken, SC
Army Spc. Luther W. Rabon Jr., 32, of Lexington, SC
September 30
Marine Lance Cpl. Timothy M. Jackson, 22, of Corbin, KY
September 29
Army Sgt. Justin A. Officer, 26, of Wichita, KS
Army Sgt. 1st Class Calvin B. Harrison, 31, of San Antonio, TX
Air Force Senior Airman Mark Forester, 29, of Tuscaloosa, AL
September 28
Marine Lance Cpl. Ralph J. Fabbri, 20, of Gallitzin, PA
September 27
September 26
Army Sgt. Mark A. Simpson, 40, of Peoria, IL
Army Spc. Donald S. Morrison, 23, of Cincinnati, OH
September 25
September 24
Army Spc. Marc C. Whisenant, 23, of Holly Hill, FL
Army Pfc. Clinton E. Springer II, 21, of Sanford, ME
Army Spc. John Carrillo Jr., 20, of Stockton, CA
Army Pfc. Gebrah P. Noonan, 26, of Watertown, CT
Army Pfc. William B. Dawson, 20, of Tunica, MS
Army Pfc. Jaysine P. S. Petree, 19, of Yigo, Guam
September 23
Marine Lance Cpl. Anthony J. Rosa, 20, of Swanton, VT
September 22
September 21
Air Force Senior Airman Michael J. Buras, 23, of Fitzgerald, GA
Navy Lt. Brendan J. Looney, 29, of Owings, MD
Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer David B. McLendon, 30, of Thomasville, GA
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Adam O. Smith, 26, of Hurdland, MO
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Denis C. Miranda, 24, of Toms River, NJ
Army Maj. Robert F. Baldwin, 39, of Muscatine, Iowa.
Army Chief Warrant Officer Matthew G. Wagstaff, 34, of Orem, UT
Army Chief Warrant Officer Jonah D. McClellan, 26, of St. Louis Park, MN
Army Staff Sgt. Joshua D. Powell, 25, of Pleasant Plains, IL
Army Sgt. Marvin R. Calhoun Jr., 23, of Elkhart, IN
September 20
Marine Pfc. Joshua S. Ose, 19, of Hernando, MS
September 19
September 18
Army Spc. Joshua A. Harton, 23, of Bethlehem, PA
Army Maj. Paul D. Carron, 33, of Sainte. Genevieve, MO
Army Pfc. Barbara Vieyra, 22, of Mesa, AZ
Army Sgt. 1st Class Ronald A. Grider, 30, Brighton, IL
Army 1st Lt. Eric Yates, 26, of Rineyville, KY
September 17
Marine 1st Lt. Scott J. Fleming, 24, of Marietta, GA
Army Spc. Deangelo B. Snow, 22, of Saginaw, MI
Army Staff Sgt. Jaime C. Newman, 27, of Richmond, VA
September 16
Army Spc. Timothy L. Johnson, 24, of Randolph, NY
Air Force Senior Airman Daniel R. Sanchez, 23, of El Paso, TX
Army Sgt. Aaron K. Kramer, 22, of Salt Lake City, UT
Army Sgt. John F. Burner III, 32, of Baltimore, MD
September 15
Air Force Senior Airman James A. Hansen, 25, of Athens, MI
September 14
September 13
September 12
September 11
September 10
September 9
Army 1st Lt. Todd W. Weaver, 26, of Hampton, VA
September 8
Marine Cpl. John C. Bishop, 25, of Columbus, IN
September 7
Marine Cpl. Philip G. E. Charte, 22, of Goffstown, NH
Army Sgt. Philip C. Jenkins, 26, of Decatur, IN
Army Pvt. James F. McClamrock, 22, of Huntersville, NC
September 6
September 5
Army Capt. Jason T. McMahon, 35, of Mulvane, KS
September 4
Marine Sgt. Jesse M. Balthaser, 23, of Columbus, OH
September 3
Marine Lance Cpl. Ross S. Carver, 21, of Rocky Point, NC
September 2
Army Pfc. Diego M. Montoya, 20, of San Antonio, TX
Marine Lance Cpl. Joshua T. Twigg, 21, of Indiana, PA
September 1
Marine Lance Cpl. Christopher B. Rodgers, 20, of Griffin, GA
August 31
Marine Lance Cpl. Cody A. Roberts, 22, of Boise, ID
Marine Sgt. Joseph A. Bovia, 24, of Kenner, LA
Army Staff Sgt. Vinson B. Adkinson III, 26, of Harper, KS
Army Sgt. Raymond C. Alcaraz, 20, of Redlands, CA
Army Pfc. Matthew E. George, 22, of Grantsboro, NC
Army Pfc. James A. Page, 23, of Titusville, FL
August 30
Army 2nd Lt. Mark A. Noziska, 24, of Papillon, NE
Army Staff Sgt. Casey J. Grochowiak, 34, of Lompoc, CA
Army Capt. Dale A Goetz, 43, of White, SD
Army Staff Sgt. Jesse Infante, 30, of Cypress, TX
Army Staff Sgt. Kevin J. Kessler, 32, of Canton, OH
Army Staff Sgt. Matthew J. West, 36, of Conover, WI
Army Pfc. Chad D. Clements, 26, of Huntington, IN
August 29
Marine Gunnery Sgt. Floyd E. C. Holley, 36, of Casselberry, FL
Army Staff Sgt. James R. Ide, 32, of Festus, MO
Army Capt. Ellery R. Wallace, 33, of Salt Lake City, UT
Army Pfc. Bryn T. Raver, 20, of Harrison, AR
August 28
Army Spc. James C. Robinson, 27, of Lebanon, OH
Army Sgt. Patrick K. Durham, 24, of Chattanooga, TN
Army Spc. Andrew J. Castro, 20, of Westlake Village, CA
August 27
Marine Master Sgt. Daniel L. Fedder, 34, of Pine City, MN
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class James M. Swink, 20, of Yucca Valley, CA
Army Pfc. Chad D. Coleman, 20, of Moreland, GA
Army Pvt. Adam J. Novak, 20, of Prairie du Sac, WI
August 26
August 25
August 24
Army Pfc. Justin B. Shoecraft, 28, of Elkhart, IN
August 23
Marine Lance Cpl. Robert J. Newton, 21, of Creve Coeur, IL
Marine Sgt. Ronald A. Rodriguez, 26, of Falls Church, VA
August 22
Army Sgt. Steven J. Deluzio, 25, of South Glastonbury, CT
Army Spc. Tristan H. Southworth, 21, of West Danville, VT
Army Spc. Pedro A. Millet Meletiche, 20, of Elizabeth, NJ
Marine Sgt. Jason D. Calo, 23, of Lexington, KY
Army Sgt. Brandon E. Maggart, 24, of Kirksville, MO
August 21
Army Pfc. Alexis V. Maldonado, 20, of Wichita Falls, TX
Marine Lance Cpl. Nathaniel J. A. Schultz, 19, of Safety Harbor, FL
August 20
Marine Lance Cpl. Cody S. Childers, 19, of Chesapeake, VA
August 19
Army Spc. Christopher S. Wright, 23, of Tollesboro, KY
Marine Cpl. Christopher J. Boyd, 22, of Palatine, IL
Army Sgt. Martin A. Lugo, 24, of Tucson, AZ
August 18
Navy Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) Collin Thomas, 33, of Morehead, KY
Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin E. Oratowski, 23, of Wheaton, IL
August 17
Army Sgt. 1st Class Edgar N. Roberts, 39, of Hinesville, GA
Army Staff Sgt. Derek J. Farley, 24, of Nassau, NY
Army Pfc. Benjamen G. Chisholm, 24, of Fort Worth, TX
Army Pvt. Charles M. High, IV, 21, of Albuquerque, NM
August 16
August 15
Army Spc. Jamal M. Rhett, 24, of Palmyra, NJ
August 14
August 13
Marine Staff Sgt. Michael A. Bock, 26, of Leesburg, FL
August 12
August 11
Army Sgt. Christopher N. Karch, 23, of Indianapolis, IN
August 10
August 9
Marine Sgt. Jose L. Saenz III, 30, of Pleasanton, TX
August 8
Marine Cpl. Kristopher D. Greer, 25, of Ashland City, TN
Army Pfc. Paul O. Cuzzupe, 23, of Plant City, FL
Army Sgt. Andrew C. Nicol, 23, of Kensington, NH
Army Pfc. Bradley D. Rappuhn, 24, of Grand Ledge, MI
August 7
Army Pfc. John E. Andrade, 19, of San Antonio, TX
Army Spc. Faith R. Hinkley, 23, of Colorado Springs, CO
Marine Cpl. Max W. Donahue, 23, of Highlands Ranch, CO
Marine Lance Cpl. Kevin M. Cornelius, 20, of Ashtabula, OH
Marine Pfc. Vincent E. Gammone III, 19, of Christiana, TN
August 6
August 5
August 4
Army Master Sgt. Jared N. Van Aalst, 34, of Laconia, NH
August 3
August 2
August 1
July 31
July 30
Army Sgt. Kyle B. Stout, 25, of Texarkana, TX
Army Spc. Michael L. Stansbery, 21, of Mount Juliet, TN
July 29
Marine Lance Cpl. Shane R. Martin, 23, of Spring, TX
Army Capt. Jason E. Holbrook, 28, of Burnet, TX
Army Staff Sgt. Kyle R. Warren, 28, of Manchester, NH
July 28
Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Jarod Newlove, 25, of Renton, WA
July 27
Marine Lance Cpl. Abram L. Howard, 21, of Williamsport, PA
July 26
July 25
July 24
Marine Lance Cpl. Frederik E. Vazquez, 20, of Melrose Park, IL
Army Staff Sgt. Conrad A. Mora, 24, of San Diego, CA
Army Sgt. Daniel Lim, 23, of Cypress, CA
Army Spc. Joseph A. Bauer, 27, of Cincinnati, OH
Army Pfc. Andrew L. Hand, 25, of Enterprise, AL
July 23
Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Justin McNeley, 30, of Wheatridge, CO
Army Pfc. James J. Oquin, 20, of El Paso, TX
July 22
Marine Lt. Col. Mario D. Carazo, 41, of Springfield, OH
Marine Maj. James M. Weis, 37, of Toms River, NJ
July 21
Army 1st Lt. Michael L. Runyan, 24, of Newark, OH
July 20
Marine Cpl. Julio Vargas, 23, of Sylmar, CA
July 19
Army Staff Sgt. Brian F. Piercy, 27, of Clovis, CA
Marine Cpl. Paul J. Miller, 22, of Traverse City, MI
July 18
Marine Cpl. Joe L. Wrightsman, 23, of Jonesboro, LA
Army Sgt. Anibal Santiago, 37, of Belvidere, IL
Army 1st Lt. Robert N. Bennedsen, 25, of Vashon, WA
Marine Gunnery Sgt. Christopher L. Eastman, 28, of Moose Pass, AK
Army Sgt. Justin B. Allen, 23, of Coal Grove, OH
July 17
Army Sgt. Matthew W. Weikert, 29, of Jacksonville, IL
July 16
Army Sgt. Jesse R. Tilton, 23, of Decatur, IL
Marine Cpl. Dave M. Santos, 21, of Rota, Marianas Islands
Marine Staff Sgt. Justus S. Bartelt, 27, of Polo, IL
July 15
Army Sgt. 1st Class John H. Jarrell, 32, of Brunson, SC
Army Sgt. Leston M. Winters, 30, of Sour Lake, Texas.
July 14
Army Pvt. Brandon M. King, 23, of Tallahassee, FL
Army 1st Lt. Christopher S. Goeke, 23, of [Apple Valley] MN
Army Staff Sgt. Christopher T. Stout, 34, of Worthville, KY
Army Staff Sgt. Sheldon L. Tate, 27, of Hinesville, GA
Army Spc. Chase Stanley, 21, of Napa, CA
Army Spc. Jesse D. Reed, 26, of Orefield, PA
Army Spc. Matthew J. Johnson, 21, of Maplewood, MN
Army Sgt. Zachary M. Fisher, 24, of Ballwin, MO
July 13
Army Spc. Christopher J. Moon, 20, of Tucson, AZ
July 12
Army Pfc. Nathaniel D. Garvin, 20, of Radcliff, KY
July 11
Marine Staff Sgt. Christopher J. Antonik, 29, of Crystal Lake, IL
July 10
Army Sgt. Shaun M. Mittler, 32, of Austin, TX
Army Staff Sgt. Jesse W. Ainsworth, 24, of Dayton, TX
Army Sgt. Donald R. Edgerton, 33, of Murphy, NC
Army Spc. Joseph W. Dimock II, 21, of Wildwood, IL
Army Spc. Robert W. Crow, 42, of Kansas City, MO
Marine Lance Cpl. Tyler A. Roads, 20, of Burney, CA
Army Spc. Carlos J. Negron, 40, of Fort Meyers, FL
July 9
Marine Lance Cpl. Daniel G. Raney, 21, of Pleasant View, TN
July 8
Army Pfc. Anthony W. Simmons, 25, of Tallahassee, FL
July 7
July 6
Army Staff Sgt. Marc A. Arizmendez, 30, of Anaheim, CA
Army Spc. Roger Lee, 26, of Monterey, CA
Army Pfc. Michael S. Pridham, 19, of Louisville, KY
July 5
Army Spc. Louis R. Fastuca, 24, of West Chester, PA
Army Pfc. Edwin C. Wood, 18, of Omaha, NE
Army Staff Sgt. Christopher F. Cabacoy, 30, of Virginia Beach, VA
Army Spc. Keenan A. Cooper, 19, of Wahpeton, ND
Army Spc. Jerod H. Osborne, 20, of Royse City, TX
July 4
Army Sgt. Andrew J. Creighton, 23, of Laurel, DE
Army Spc. Clayton D. McGarrah, 20, of Harrison, AR
July 3
Army Pfc. Jacob A. Dennis, 22, of Powder Springs, GA
July 2
Army Sgt. Jordan E. Tuttle , 22, of West Monroe, LA
Army Pfc. David Jefferson, 23, of Philadelphia, PA
Air Force Capt David A. Wisniewski, 31, of Moville, IA
Army Sgt. Johnny W. Lumpkin, 38, of Columbus, GA
Army Spc. Morganne M. McBeth, 19, of Fredricksburg, VA
July 1
Army Pfc. Ryan J. Grady, 25, of Bristow, OK
Marine Cpl. Larry D. Harris Jr., 24, of Thornton, CO
June 30
Army Sgt. 1st Class Kristopher D. Chapleau, 33, of LaGrange, KY
Army Spc. Matthew R. Hennigan, 20, of Las Vegas, NV
June 29
June 28
June 27
Army Sgt. John M. Rogers, 26, of Scottsdale, AZ
Army Staff Sgt. Eric B. Shaw, 31, of Exeter, ME
Army Spc. David W. Thomas, 40, of St. Petersburg, FL
June 26
Army Spc. David A. Holmes, 34, of Tennille, GA
Army Pfc. Bryant J. Haynes, 21, of Epps, LA
Marine Sgt. Joseph D. Caskey, 24, of Pittsburgh, PA
Marine Lance Cpl. William T. Richards, 20, of Trenton, GA
June 25
Marine Cpl. Daane A. Deboer, 24, of Ludington, MI
Army Spc. Blair D. Thompson, 19, of Rome, NY
Army Spc. Jared C. Plunk, 27, of Stillwater, OK
June 24
Army Pfc. Robert K. L. Repkie, 20, of Knoxville, TN
Army Staff Sgt. Edwardo Loredo, 34, of Houston, TX
June 23
Army Pfc. Anthony T. Justesen, 22, of Wilsonville, OR
Army Pfc. Russell E. Madden, 29, of Dayton, KY
June 22
Marine Cpl. Joshua R. Dumaw, 23, of Spokane Valley, WA
Marine Cpl. Kevin A. Cueto, 23, of San Jose, CA
Marine Cpl. Claudio Patino IV, 22, of Yorba Linda, CA
June 21
Army Staff Sgt. Brandon M. Silk, 25, of Orono, ME
Army Spc. Jacob P. Dohrenwend, 20, of Milford, OH
Marine Lance Cpl. Timothy G. Serwinowski, 21, of North Tonawanda, NY
Army Spc. Scott A. Andrews, 21, of Fall River, MA
Army Pfc. David T. Miller, 19, of Wilton, NY
Army Spc. Andrew R. Looney, 22, of Owasso, OK
June 20
June 19
June 18
Army Staff Sgt. James P. Hunter, 25, of South Amherst, OH
Army Pfc. Benjamin J. Park, 25, of Fairfax Station, VA
Navy Seaman William Ortega, 23, of Miami, FL
June 17
Army Capt. Michael P. Cassidy, 41, of Simpsonville, SC
June 16
Army Spc. Nathan W. Cox, 21, of Fremont, CA
Marine Lance Cpl. Michael C. Bailey, 29, of Park Hills, MO
Marine Cpl. Jeffrey R. Standfest, 23, of St. Clair, MI
Army Spc. Joseph D. Johnson, 24, of Flint, MI
Army Pfc. Gunnar R. Hotchkin, 31, of Naperville, IL
June 15
Army Spc. Benjamin D. Osborn, 27, of Queensbury, NY
Army Spc. Christopher W. Opat, 29, of Spencer, IA
June 14
June 13
June 12
Army Spc. Brian M. Anderson, 24, of Harrisonburg, VA
June 11
Army Sgt. Mario Rodriguez, 24, of Smithville, TX
Army Spc. Christian M. Adams, 26, of Sierra Vista, AZ
Army Sgt. 1st Class Robert J. Fike, 38, of Conneautville, PA
Army Staff Sgt. Bryan A. Hoover, 29, of West Elizabeth, PA
Army Sgt. Israel P. Obryan, 24, of Newbern, TN
Army Spc. William C. Yauch, 23, of Batesville, AR
June 10
Marine Lance Cpl. Gavin R. Brummund, 22, of Arnold, CA
June 9
Marine Lance Cpl. Michael G. Plank, 25, of Cameron Mills, NY
Air Force Staff Sgt. Michael P. Flores, 31, of San Antonio, TX
Air Force 1st Lt. Joel C. Gentz, 25, of Grass Lake, MI
Air Force Staff Sgt. David C. Smith, 26, of Eight Mile, AL
Air Force Senior Airman Benjamin D. White, 24, of Erwin, TN
June 8
Army Sgt. Erick J. Klusacek, 22, of Calcium, NY
Marine Sgt. Derek L. Shanfield, 22, of Hastings, PA
Marine Sgt. Zachary J. Walters, 24, of Palm Coast, FL
June 7
Army Spc. Brendan P. Neenan, 21, of Enterprise, AL
Marine Sgt. John K. Rankel, 23, of Speedway, IN
Army 1st Sgt. Robert N. Barton, 35, of Roxie, MS
Army Sgt. Joshua A. Lukeala, 23, of Yigo, Guam
Army Spc. Matthew R. Catlett, 23, of Houston, TX
Army Spc. Charles S. Jirtle, 29, of Lawton, OK
Army Spc. Blaine E. Redding, 22, of Plattsmouth, NE
June 6
Army 2nd Lt. Michael E. McGahan, 23, of Orlando, FL
Marine Sgt. Brandon C. Bury, 26, of Kingwood, TX
Marine Lance Cpl. Derek Hernandez, 20, of Edinburg, TX
Marine Cpl. Donald M. Marler, 22, of St. Louis, MO
June 5
June 4
Army Sgt. Steve M. Theobald, 53, of Goose Creek, SC
Army 1st Lt. Joseph J. Theinert, 24, of Sag Harbor, NY
June 3
June 2
Army Pvt. Francisco J. Guardado-Ramirez, 21, of Sunland Park, NM
June 1
Army Spc. Jonathan K. Peney, 22, of Marietta, GA
May 31
May 30
Army Pfc. Alvaro R. Regalado Sessarego, 37, of Virginia Beach, VA
Marine Lance Cpl. Anthony A. Dilisio, 20, of Macomb, MI

Today's Sermon

A train went through a burial gate,
A bird broke forth and sang,
And trilled, and quivered, and shook his throat
Till all the churchyard rang;

And then adjusted his little notes,
And bowed and sang again.
Doubtless, he thought it meet of him
To say good-by to men.

~ Emily Dickinson, 1830 - 1886

Friday, May 27, 2011

Metro Richmond Zoo

Anyone who knows me knows how I love to collect things. Some have even dared to associate me with the current crop of fame seeking pseudo-celebrities dubbed "hoarders". Fortunately, the things that catch my attention do not include newspapers! Zoos, however, are another thing entirely.

Today I made a road trip of visiting my third zoo this spring: the Metro Richmond Zoo. As the name implies, it's located adjacent to Richmond, Virginia. Adjacent in this case is more than just an adjective. It usually takes me 2 hours to drive to Richmond's Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. It took me 6 minutes shy of 3 hours to get to the zoo. Located outside of the city to the southwest halfway to the city of Amelia, it's not a zoo one would get to unless one was going to it.

Fortunately, the Mapquest directions were accurate. Unfortunately, the sign for Beaver Bridge Road was less than legible approaching it from the east. Once turned around, it was completely obvious and user friendly approaching it from the west! (Which is to say, that visitors coming from Amelia, VA would have an easier time finding the Metro Richmond Zoo than those coming from Richmond...time to buy a gps device.)

The map of the zoo itself was easy enough to use.

First impressions included this view of the zoo just past the entrance.

The zoo is a private zoo. The only employee of the zoo that I spoke to made this clear to me in her first set of comments. They accept to Federal, State or Local funding. When you visit their website you will also discover that they host a well attended little production that they call the "Miracle of Christmas" every December which they characterize as "Our gift to the Community". You can see the fallow "manger" set at the far left edge of this photo.

Add to this the fact that they are possibly the only zoo in the nation to be closed on Sundays, and I was more than curious to see what a zoo run by sincere "Christians" would be like--and I'm also making many assumptions about them based on my deep and survived association with Evangelical Christianity. Without further explanation, the answer is it's a well done zoo. In many ways, I found it superior to the long established, well endowed Maryland Zoo at Baltimore. Things that were glaring in Baltimore, and still lingering in even Philadelphia's Zoo, were not endemic to the philosophy of the owner/s of this zoo.

Following the map, you first encounter an area with Flamingoes, which fronts an open aviary containing some larger birds also from the Ciconiiformes order. Adjacent to this is a large and very active colony of black-tailed prairie dogs.

One of the areas of interest in this zoo are the members of the primate species and their adjacent species like Lemurs and marmosets. Here are trio of Saimang gibbons housed on an island. They are joined by Chimpanzees, Orangutans, other species of gibbons, monkeys, lemurs and marmosets. The larger the animal, the more spacious their enclosure. Chimps and Orangutans were given their own islands, as well. All had the freedom to be outdoors or within a closure. I wish that the lessor smaller primates had more natural environments, but all of them had contact with living plants and fresh air. If I owned this zoo, I'd be making this my priority up-grade. Especially given the fact that I was responsible for so many of these animals. To the zoo's credit both the Orangutan's and Diana Monkey's have procreated successfully in the past few years.

Another are of emphasis are the large cats. The zoo has 3 Bengal Tigers, 2 Siberian Tigers, Lions, Cheetah and a Snow Leopard--one of the few instances of a single member of any species at the zoo.

In both of previous zoo experiences there were Rhinos. In both the animals were catatonic. In this zoo there were 3 White rhinos, all of which were up and engaged in Rhino activities: foraging, bathing in mud, watching (listening to) the people.

One striking aspect of this zoo was the enclosing of various compatible species together. Here you can see the Bongo with Kudus and a white stork (and what you don't see are the giraffe, crowned crane, and orstich.)

The Bongos cool off in the lake.

Water features prominently in the park, and all major water features are lousy with Koi and turtles--Gazillions of both.

In another interesting pairing, half a dozen Addax shared a spacious enclosure with 4 Grant's Zebra.

The Cheetah's enclosure abutted that of the zebra/addax and the Zebra were happy to taunt the cheetahs as the two chased one another back and forth along the fence. I've seen Cheetah at every zoo I've every been to, but none were as "alive" as these two.

This zoo is home to many giraffe. Most of which are of the sub-species reticulata. However, members of two other sub-species are also present: angolensis and tippelskirchi.

Giraffe camelopard tippelskirchi also known as the Maasai Giraffe and the Kilimanjaro Giraffe.

Mammalian members of the families Antilopcapridae, Bovidae, Camelidae, and Cervidae join with Giraffidae as a major focus of this zoo. The zoo is home to both Bactrian Camels like this molting shaggy fellow and dromedary.

Large wooded enclosures include a variety of North American herbivores like American Bison, and Big Horn Sheep. Others included White Tailed Deer, Elk, and in the following picture, Pronghorn Antelope.

Besides the Snow Leopard, the only other example of a single member of species that i saw at the zoo.

South African Penguins chilling in the shade.

I really liked this zoo. There were so many things about it that were good and beneficial to the animals. Was it perfect? No. Some animals were still enclosed in "cages" that both made them difficult to see, and limited in their ability to experience their lives vitally. The Snow Leopard would be a key example of this. But overall? You will find animals that are engaged and stimulated. Whoever the founders of this zoo are, they have made a very good start.

Random Quote 123

"One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, 'What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?'”
~ Rachel Carson, 1907 - 1964

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Scandinavia Orb: The Design

The fourteenth orb in my zoo features the flora and fauna of northern Europe: Scandinavia. It encompasses the wildlife found in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and Denmark.

The design includes a lake as well as ponds fed by fjord-like water falls. There are both coniferous and deciduous forests as well as meadows and wetlands. Two study centers are associated with the orb. One studies the formation and decline of glaciers and their impact of creating and maintaining ecosystems. The other looks at the role of human beings and our effect on extinction in the modern era.

Dimensionally, the orb is a veritable twin with the Japanese orb. The width measures 534 meters with a height of 125 meters.

Landscapes are designed to look like typical ecosystems found in the Scandinavia.

The same holds true for the water features.

The orb is located in the far south eastern corner of the zoo.

Scandinavia Orb: The Mammals

Fifteen mammals open the Scandinavian Orb with one-third being carnivores by nature.

Scandinavia Orb: The Birds