Saturday, January 16, 2016

My Best Self

Is not me!

Ever feel like someone is watching you?  I just look around and see Romeo!  My angel.

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Friday, January 15, 2016

A Winter's Tale--Why Not?

You know...the older I get the more I want to see and do. I am single and that often means just going for it, right? My latest adventure--after weeks of interest--I have purchased a ticket to see the Royal Canadian Ballet perform "The Winter's Tale" at the Kennedy Center on Sunday, January 24th. It's their closing performance. I expect great things! The next time you think, I want to, but not on my own: remember this--and GO FOR IT! You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

How Times Have Changed

Children, let me tell you a story. Some of my generational friends here will get this. I remember a time, not that long ago, when being gay was akin to being a pedophile or a serial killer. Any association was a promise of trouble. The choice was to go live in a big city ghetto or keep your closet door tightly closed. The idea that anyone would ever think that there was any advantage to being gay? Preposterous. And when the civil rights movement for equality began, the victories for any sort of recognition were few and generally sensationalized by the larger media conglomerates. When Coors tepidly advertised to the GLBT community--the out cry was oversized and ridiculous.

Even today we still see vestiges of this mindset in petty and pathetic little enterprises like the Million Moms group--(which I have on good authority is actually a single, lonely, overweight, disenfranchised white guy who wears wife beaters and sweatpants all day and runs the organization from a Dell computer in his basement in Mississippi from which he also orders Papa Johns Pizza every night...but I digress!)

It is with this mindset that I glanced at the latest issues of "OUT" and "The Advocate" magazines. And what did I find? Ads. Lots of Ads. No beer ads. But look who is advertising and no one gives a damn who matters anymore. That's progress you can see, but lets not rush to take it for granted, eh?

I Am In Love

I have recently rediscovered an amazing photographer.  Vivian Maier (1921 - 2009).  Here she is:

And here is her art.  A street photographer, she seems to have an uncanny ability to be in the moment with others and capture their souls.  It's a form of perfection.

Saturday, January 09, 2016


Italian Breaded pan fired Tilapia, Breaded Zucchini and mashed Potatoes.

Pride Birthdays And Memorials For The Week - January 10th to January 16th

Welcome to the Union, Connecticut!~

An Evening @ The Theater: The Main Event "West Side Story"

As to the main event, Signature Theater's production of "West Side Story" was spectacular! It was my fist visit to the venue and it is small--only seats about 300. We had front row seats in a setting that was 3 quarters in the round. The stage area was only about 20 feet across and 40-50 feet deep. We were right THERE! The singing was amazing and the dancing even better. There was so much energy and athleticism in the choreography. It was simply wonderful! Both Tony (Austin Colby) and Maria (MaryJoanna Grisso) had amazing voices--and YES, I cried for both "One Hand, One Heart" and "Somewhere". (Dammit, Jim, I a man, not a machine!) Anita (Natascia Diaz) was another very strong presence. I thought "America" was going to get a standing ovation. And the show-stopper that really should have gotten a standing ovation was "Gee, Officer Krumpke" lead by Action (Ryan Fitzgerald). My companion for the evening spoke about seeing the show done at an acclaimed theater and said that this production was hands down better. I feel so fortunate to live in a place with such amazing theater.

An Evening @ The Theater: Pre-game Show

Another eventful evening at the theater, but the first story takes place prior to the show. To set the stage we arrived in the vicinity of the theater about an hour and 30 minutes prior to the show. We walked a blocked and half sizing up the variety of restaurants and settled on one called the "Luna Grill and Diner." The menu looked interesting and it wasn't crowded. We'd barely sat down when a server arrived and apologized for not noticing us. I said, "Well, we only just arrived." He gave us menus, took our drink orders and soon returned with drinks and took our order. 40 minutes later the place had filled up, and I asked him how our order was coming along. He said it would be right out. 10 minutes later, I asked him again. He apologized and I said, "We have tickets to the theater and I'm afraid we're going to be late." He asked if we wanted it to go... I said, "We can't take our diner into the theater." He again apologized and told us it would be 5 more minutes. I said, "I'm sorry but that's just cutting it too close." He offered again to bring it "to go..." I gave him a look and repeated that we can't take food into the theater. He said, "Do you want me to cancel your order?" And all throughout he was very apologetic. I looked at my friend and then said, "Yes." So off he goes. He is politely waiting his turn to speak to the manager and about another 5 minutes goes by. We're 10 minutes from curtain. We still have to walk the two blocks to the theater, and I have to wait in will call for the tickets. Finally, he says something to the manager and then the two of them disappear into the kitchen! That's when I turned to my friend and said, "Let's go." She replied, "Without paying?" I said, "Are you crazy? We're going to be late and who the hell knows what they're doing?" And I thought, one diet coke and one skimpy class of cabernet is NOT going to bring this place to its knees.

Lego Tyrollean Village

I have a Lego builder I follow from Germany named Henrick. He's currently creating a Tyrolean Village. Here are 5 of his latest creations.

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Kiss Me Kate @ WST

 Wonderful afternoon at the Washington Shakespeare Theatre's production of "Kiss Me Kate". I've never seen the show before so it was all new to me with the exception of some of the songs--but even they were done in the spirit of the drama and came off as fresh (as opposed to stand alone ballads and vehicles for masterful vocalists). Once again, there wasn't a weak link in the cast. Scanning the actors' bio's, I could only find three who hadn't done multiple productions on Broadway. The actor who played the relatively small role of Hattie, was Celie on Broadway's original production of "The Color Purple," for example. Therefore the power in the singing from top to bottom is a given. The best numbers were the two ensembles: "Another Op'nin', Another Show" and "Too Darn Hot". And the best solo's both went to Robyn Hurder's Bianca for "Tom, Dick, and Harry" and later in the second act "Always True To You (In My Fashion)". The costumes were luscious, the sets amazing, but I still haven't nailed the best part of all.
 Ensemble, lead by T. Oliver Reid, singing "Too Darn Hot!"
I have never seen such athletic, joyous and consistently well choreographed dancing in any production in DC (and I include the Broadway touring companies). I feel like I've gone to enough of them at this point at enough different companies to be able to say that with some confidence. I've never been to a show were the dancing stunk, but it sometimes feels like an obligatory inclusion that you have to get through in order to continue with the story. And I understand that, because of everything that happens on stage, nothing is honestly as hard as the dancing. A good dancer works at it all the time and a great dancer does this AND has a degree of natural talent to boot. I just have to say that Brandon Bieber, Con O'Shea-Creal, Clyde Alves and the afore mentioned, Robyn Hurder deserve special mention, as does the choreographer, Michele Lynch.
 Kate, played by Christine Sherrill under the watchful eyes of the gangsters two: Raymond Jaramillo McLeod and Bob Ari.

Clyde Alves and Robyn Hurder
Now, what I didn't like. To evoke some distorted idea of 1940's realism, the actors were often instructed to smoke. It was an unnecessary and awkward distraction with one exception: the second gangster having a stogie to chew on added to his character and it's well timed withdrawal and insertion added to his comedic timing. For the rest of them, it just got in the way of their acting. They never had the opportunity to actually smoke anything and once the cigarettes were lit, they had the predicament of what to do with the damn things! It was an infantile design choice. If there was a flaw--that was it.

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Comfort Food!

What's better than left over Tuna Noodle Casserole?  That's a rhetorical question!

Welcome to the Union, Alaska!

Friday, January 01, 2016


I haven't shared a tattoo in forever.  This one on the man's hip is beautiful.  I've never one like this before.  Love it.