Saturday, February 18, 2017

Peter And The Starcatcher

"Peter and the Starcatcher" was today's fare. You may recall that my "Year of Living Theatrically" started back at the end of August with "Urinetown" by Constellation Theater at the Source Theater, too. It's a scrappy little place that does first rate shit. The production of "Starcatcher" was superb. The energy was high, and the acting was marvelous and the costumes and sets as professional and creative as anything you'll experience anywhere. In short, I had a great time and I loved this production. On my short list for season tickets next year is the Constellation Theater.

I got a couple of shots of the sets, but the lighting was subdued and my smart phone camera is sucky! With a seat in the second row, I had excellent sightlines. And some repeat players from other shows were in the cast: actors I had seen in "Urinetown," "The Little Foxes," and "Fathers Come Home from Wars". Everyone was so well suited for their part--or made their role so fully real that it would be difficult to favor one player over any other.

But why should that stop me from trying? Matt Dewberry (formerly Officer Lockstock in "Urinetown") was an amazing Smee. I would not hesitate for a second casting this guy in any role--he holds back nothing, has the gifts required and doesn't overplay it either. Megan Graves surprised me in the best way. I found her part in "The Little Foxes" at Arena Stage adequate to the role, but here, as Molly, she really shown brightly. Spunky suits her far better than demure. Dallas Tolentino as Peter was a marvel to watch for his athletism in the role--and his eyes! They are his strongest feature in communicating his role--both attributes were fascinating. But the lynchpin to the production was Michael John Casey's portrayal of Black Stach (a.k.a. Capt. Hook). His comic timing and commanding presence that was both alpha and generous captured the spirit of the entire ensemble.

I also loved the work of Jordan Campbell, Keith Richards, Christopher Michael Richardson, Matthew Schleigh, John Sygar and Alex Vernon. I don't think I've ever written a review with so many shout outs. All well deserved!

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