Thursday, December 24, 2009

What I'm Listening To #73 & 74

Recently bought two more of Rosie Thomas' CD's She is one of the most amazing vocalists you'll ever have the chance to hear. Her pixie speaking voice transforms into a vehicle for the communication of emotion and ideas that is iconic in its power and uniqueness.
No matter what she sings, you'll be transported to a place of transcendence. I tend to like "These Friends Of Mine" more because she includes studio banter before a couple of the songs. It's a device that increases the sense of intimacy even more. I love her! I'm sure you will, too!

(PS added 27 DEC) And OMG, I just realized that I know the guy who's singing the duet with her on "All The Way To New York CIty". Denison Witmer's voice is like the perfect companion to Rosie's. 6 degrees of separation, chah!? One more reason why you will love this CD!

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