Sunday, April 22, 2007

What I'm Watching #78

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In the current cinema in Theaters, I'm just as dollar short and day late to the party! But this one is absolutely wonderful.

Many things to love:

1) It's well paced and not TOO long (CARS!).

2) The characters are well conceived and well voiced, as individual characters.

3) The plot is complex, integral, and comprehensible.

4) It's funny!

5) It's uplifting.

And, 6) It holds surprises that seem as obvious as the nose on your face in hindsight! Love being genuinely caught off guard!

The Negatives?

1) The Art Deco future---echoes of racial supremacy from the 1920's/2000's--perfectly manicured lawns, politically correct lives....

2) Lack of minority characters of substance (re: #1) The only possibly black character was smart enough to run an orphanage; but was she black? I couldn't tell.

A great film, that danced at the edge of perfection. Disney!~ Step over the line, for heaven's sake!!!

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