Friday, July 27, 2012

Newseum - Chapter 1: My First Impressions

Something that I have long wanted to do was visit the Newseum here in Washington, D.C. It is the newest addition to what has got to be the largest concentration of museums within walking distance of one another on the planet. Whereas most of the others are free, the Newseum is expensive. I forked over just under $25.00 for my admission, and that cost had dissuaded me in the past. So let me begin my observations by saying here after the fact that it is worth the price of admission. Let me also state that you do not experience even half of what the place has to offer in my "10 Chapters" here.

By any standard, this place is awesome. In fact, its technology casts a dim light on two of the other old timers on the Mall: The Museum of American History, and the Space and Aeronautics Museum. After experiencing this place, they gotta step up their game!

You visit actually begins before you even enter with a gallery of today's front pages displayed along the exterior of the museum.

The paper are both domestic and international. Here front pages from cities in Ecuador, Mexico, Turkey and Canada, in the next section papers from cities in West Virginia, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii were displayed.

After paying your are ushered down to the ground floor for a short video explaining the logics of movement through the newseum.

Everywhere you turn you discover something of interest. The ground floor also contains a cafeteria, and next to it is a display of images from the cartoon sections of newspapers. But you haven't seen anything yet!

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