Monday, March 13, 2017

Philadelphia Zoo Redux #3

From the Rare to the Small, and a short walk to the Small Mammal House for my next round of observation.  It has a Giant Anteater emblem on it, but Giant Anteater in residence.  Instead today there were several pairs of Pygmy Marmosets, a colony of Degu, a pair of Two-toed Sloths, a pair of Aardvarks, a colony of Meerkats and a colony of Vampire Bats.  Again, due to poor lighting the photos were not stellar.  Meet some of the Pygmy Marmosets and a Degu!
Original Small Mammal House, one of the oldest structures still in use at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Pygmy Marmoset, Cebuella pygmaea
Pygmy MarmosetCebuella pygm
Pygmy MarmosetCebuella pygm
Degu, Octodon degus
You can also see the extensive outdoor "playground" and trails for the Meerkat's to use in better weather--complete with a stone Rhino to evoke ideas from their ancestral homeland (doubtless they were all born in zoos in North America)
Meerkat exterior habitat
Meerkat exterior habitat (detail)
Looking on the opposite side of the SAH, I chanced to catch the Red Kangaroo's venturing out into the cold. I do not think they remained long, but appreciated their timing for yours truly.
Kangaroo enclosure
Red Kangaroo, Macropus rufus
Red KangarooMacropus rufus

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