Sunday, March 26, 2017

Virginia Bluebells

My next discovery was an ever spreading and robust compliment of Virginia Bluebells, Mertensis virginica. My first attempt at growing this plant goes back nearly 20 years. The initial plantings survived into the next season and then disappeared. I was very disappointed. If you've ever seem this plant in thick glorious patches in the wild, you'll understand. Then about 12 years ago, I decided after increasing success with some other perennials, and years of building up the soil with both organic compost and "clay busting" soil/compost, to try again. I introduced three plants on the outer edge of the circle garden near to the bird bath. To my delight they came back the next year. The following year again, but much weaker... I was certain they were on their last round. But, no. They arrived again in years 4 and 5 rather lack-lusterly--but there! And then in the sixth year, something happened and suddenly there were more of them and they looked really good. The following year one suddenly joined them in the lower woodland fern gardens far away from this colony. The year after I completely transformed the circle garden into the circles garden, a couple of plants also showed up there! Now, I have three separate colonies and the plants all look robust. The pics here show on in the woodland fern garden, and then two there and finally the three that have presented this year. There an image from one of the clusters in the Circles Garden, and finally a couple of pics of the first of the original second planting. They've just begun to emerge, I'm certain to share more pics as they mature into their primacy.

Garden is the sport of patience and persistence. And then comes joy!

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