Friday, March 31, 2017


It all started innocently enough. Just an idea. A desire to take more seriously something I'd done haphazardly and generally enjoyed. Way before it got OC, I christened it "My year of living theatrically". Every decent project needs a theme, right? You also know how much I love creating graphics and looking at data. This image was bound to happen! So here is my entire year laid out. It covers a wide range of events from Plays and Musicals to Gallery Nights, Symphonies, Operas, and Poetry Readings. The only glaring omission is a Ballet... Hmmm. The 50 events have taken me into the arms of 22 different companies and venues here in the Metro DC region and beyond--from Philadelphia to Norfolk. The span of this "year went from September 2016 to July 2017 and so 18 events remain to be experienced, though tickets have been purchased. In two cases, so far, I was unable to attend, and so even though 50 events were planned, in the end only as many as 48 will have been experienced. Still a 96% completion rate is very good. At some point, I will take time to think more fully about the implications of this project--seems like it ought to amount to something greater than the sum of its parts... But even if it doesn't, I'm enjoying it on every level.

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