Friday, May 05, 2017

A Week Resurrecting More Of My Little Garden Zoo

With over 140 distinct species of Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and, yes--even Amphibians, recreating this menagerie on my deck each year is a labor of love that consumes a lot of time!  And a good chunk of change, too.  And just like real zoos, my Little Garden Zoo doesn't even display all of the animals I have from every species--my ample sized deck is just not big enough!
Asian Elephants in the Raja's Garden habitat

My family of Cheetahs

A trio of Okapi, and I wanted them to be close to their Giraffe cousins this year.

My troop of Chimpanzees

A Fennec Fox.
A band of Red Kangaroos

My flock of Chilean Flamingos (I have a quartet of Caribbean Flamingos, too)
A pair of Indian Pangolins

My Malaysan Sun Bear, always content to watch the happens at the zoo.  Just one of five species of true bears I have.
A Bighorn Sheep

An American Alligator

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