Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Maryland Zoo Redux #1 - African Penguins and Pink-backed Pelicans

Went to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore today for a couple of hours this morning. Saturday and Sunday were two days of Beerfest at the zoo to fund raise--I wish them well, but had no interest whatsoever to participate. Happy to report that the zoo is still there! ;-) Although a couple of notables were taking the day off, the Polar Bear, the Lion Pride...most of the Giraffe and Sitatunga herds. Which is all fine by me, I love what is there, and I love the new things I discover whenever I go. I'm going to share some pics with you in a sorta random release, but I will keep the animals clustered together. I hope you enjoy them, too.

The newest major installation at the Maryland Zoo is the Penguin Coast Exhibit that is the largest and most comprehensive habitat for the endangered African Penguin in North America if not the world. It will support a colony of 200 animals at some point in the future and is home of well over 50 birds today. The Penguins share this space with a handful of White-breasted Cormorants from the Equatorial coastline of Western Africa, and a gorgeous trio of Pink-backed Pelicans. The Cormorants have been bunkmates with the Penguins as a species for a couple of decades now, and the Pelicans joined the exhibit last year. Without further ado, I give you some penguins and pelicans from the Maryland Zoo.

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