Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bee Balm!

Over the years as I have gardened and pretty much created my gardens from scratch, I have learned so much. I have fancied plants and worked with them to much success with some and none with others. Yet, I continue to fancy many.

Some of my successes have been:
Phlox--(so much so that I have to keep them corralled in a specific plot that I am thrilled with, but am also always pulling up others from elsewhere in the garden!)
Celandine Poppy--(a consistent friend in early spring)
Ragwort--(still ascending)
Soldago Goldenrod
Tiger Lily
Bleeding Heart
Monk's Hood
Fire-cracker Lysimacia
St. John's Wort
Japanese Anemone

Some that were strong, but faded away include:
Purple Loosestrife--(good riddance!)
Butterfly Weed
Goat Spurge

And then there are some like Bee Balm (Monarda) that I have wanted for from forever and tired time and again to no ultimate success. (I have neighbors with amazing beds of the butterfly, honey bee and even hummingbird magnet blossoms.) Then last year I planted a set of them again in the lower raised bed of the circle's garden. They did fine. Never bloomed. grew to a height of about 2.5 feet, then died back in the fall. Oh well, I thought. And now this!? They came back like gang-busters! And they are in at least three colors: Carnation Pink, Deep Pink and Purple! I am so happy.

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