Friday, October 14, 2016

Angels In America: Part 1 Millennium Approaches

A little late posting last weekend's Theater Adventure.  It was Part 1 of Angels In America: Millennium Approaches.
One down, one to go! Went to the first part of Angels in America this afternoon. And I loved it. I really did. The casting was very good. The staging was simple and very effective against a range of quick shifts and overlapping scenes. There were no weak links, but some actors stood out over others. I really liked the performance of Kimberly Gilbert as the Mormon wife, Harper Pitt. And Mitchell Hébert presented us a powerful and compelling, Roy Cohn. Another scene stealer was Sarah Marshall in the rolls of Rabbi Chemelwitz and Cohn's physician, Henry.

For those who may not know, this is the first part of a play that takes over 6 hours. So must say that the fact that this production was so good, was also a relief, because my friend Dee and I have tickets for the second part next Sunday afternoon. My other concern was over my attention span. But this play is so well written, so well timed, and so tight--not a misplaced word anywhere; that it flows by in a way that brings you along without regret or distraction. My only complaint was that the theater was SO COLD! I couldn't wait to find a warmer place.

There was a Panel Discussion after the show featuring Haylay Gorenberg the Deputy Legal Director of LAMBDA Legal and Zack Ford, the LGBT Editor at Think Progress. I'm sure it was interesting, I was just too cold to stay for it.
Tom Story (as Prior Walter) and Jonathan Brock (as Louis)

Jon Hudson Odom (as Belize) paying Prior a visit in the hospital

Thomas Keegan (as Joe Pitt) getting advice from Mitchell Hébert (as Roy Cohn)

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