Friday, October 21, 2016

Hot Topics

The political geek that I am...I found this data on Real Clear Politics and turned it into this map. Very interesting!
1) AFTER ALL the talk about Immigration, ONLY littlest state of all Rhode Island has it as it's top search...

2) Terrorism bookmarks the nation and tops two states that share a boarder with CANADA!

3) The Economy is the #1 topic is ultra poor Mississippi and ultra wealthy Massachusetts!

4) Police Brutality is NOT a top issue in states with major urban areas that have experienced large upticks in police brutality like Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles and Phoenix, but five with no large urban areas: Delaware, West Virginia, North and South Dakota and Wyoming.

The only UN-surprising thing is the prevalence of GUNS as a topic.

ps- South Carolina has the lowest UNemployment rate in the south...also a little odd.

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