Sunday, October 02, 2016

How Our World Becomes A Better Place 101

A post-script as a preamble to today's Theater adventure.  Going to so many theaters for the first time requires some imaginative planning and whenever possible the use of the Metro.  Today's decision to take the Green Line in from West Hyattsville to Columbia Heights was pitch perfect!  And I had a book along to read, never leave home without one.  Usually I take a collection of poems, or sometimes--like today--essays.  Having almost finished them, I had with me "The Fire This Time" collection of essays, edited by Jesmyn Ward.

On the way back out, with just one station to go, I finished a excellent essay by Carol Anderson titled "White Rage".  Sitting across from me were two young men, one black and one white, in redskins T-shirts who had been talking football since I embarked on the train at Columbia Heights.  No sooner had I closed the book than the black man asked, "Good book?"  I assumed by asking he was familiar with it, or at least "The Fire Next Time".  He denied knowing about either, and so I gave him a very brief overview of Baldwin's progenitor, and then shared the premise of Anderson's essay on white rage with him.  He listened intently and said, "I'm gonna have to get that one."  In hindsight, I wish I had just given him my copy--I can always buy another...

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