Saturday, January 07, 2017

A Great Way To Start A New Year!

Started out the week with a lovely visit with my friend Barbara. She's using her retirement to travel and paint and enjoy live with her hubby, Randy (also). I loved catching up on her latest paintings, and then a wonderful lunch at Sardis Peruvian restaurant in Olney, Maryland. I had the Tallarín Verde con Pollo Parrallanero and she had the Brochetas de Pollo (which was my second choice.) Everything was delicious. My dish was a pair of breasts marinated and barbequed to juicy perfection with a generous side of linguini in a robust pesto sauce. They start you with plantain chips and three dipping sauces that the server described as "This one is spicy, made with Jalapeños, This one is also spicy, made with red peppers, and This one is not spicy, made with sweet yellow peppers." I tried the Jalapeño one and it was okay...not too hot and so I told my friend as much. She then proceeded to go into cardiac arrest! (NOT REALLY! But clearly my taste buds have evolved a little over the years thanks to my weekly dose of home made Thai cuisine from my friend, Nari at school.) Life is good!

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