Sunday, January 29, 2017

Pink Triangle Time?

I have been wearing a golden clothes pin since November 9th. It is a form of protest patterned after one started during the Brexit opposition. To date, I have been asked about it by 7 colleagues, and 5 students at school. I have told them all that is represents that I am a "safe" person to be with in light of these unsafe and confusing political times. Been praised by 2 colleagues who both asked me where I got the pin--and both of whom I gave a golden pin to. One wears it, one does not. I have had one parent come up to me and thank me for wearing it. I have had no one ask me not to wear it, or treat me negatively because I do.

This is what protest looks like.

Given the latest push for FADA legislation that would allow for Christians and other religious fundamentalists to discriminate against LGBTQ people by denying us the same basic human rights of commercial service and accommodation, I am seriously considering upping the ante.

Perhaps it's time to start wearing a crudely fashioned PINK TRIANGLE on my chest/shoulder. It would certainly give me the chance to engage others in a political conversation...remind them of the antecedents and repercussions of hatred instilled in political actions. The sooner this is made real, the greater the opposition to Trump's fascist edicts effectiveness will be, right?

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