Monday, January 23, 2017

Schleich 2017

As many know I am a collector of little animal figures and most notably those of the German company Schleich.

Schleich has announced a rather ambitious year of new Animal figures for 2017 It seems they're going to focus most of their attention on North Hemisphere Woodland wildlife: New Bull Moose and moose calf, new WIld Boar and Piglet (two examples of producing adult males and offspring...what's missing!?), new 14-point Red Deer Stag, new Skunk, new Red Fox, new Black Bear and Black Bear cub. Two that I'm excited about are new Mountain Goat and New Ibex, AND a first time Bighorn Sheep Ram. From South America a new Jaguar and new Black Jaguar--both of which had new offerings in 2016, too (perhaps one series is male and the other female--that would be a good idea), and a first ever Toucan. They have previously issues 3 different types of Macaws. And the first ever Anaconda. In Africa we are getter a new Western Mountain Gorilla male and female. And in Asia new male and female Giant Panda, and two that I am also excited about: An Asiatic Sun Bear, and a pair of Orangutans (mother and child). Looking forward to when they become available for purchase in the United States.

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