Thursday, June 23, 2016

Some Birds Of Summer

A dear friend found this lovely little vintage Birder's guide and bought it for me.  It was printed in 1930.  Here are some of the entries of birds I live with.  Aren't the prints wonderful?
 My Carolina Wrens are so curious and so creatively industrious.  They build amazingly intricate nests.
 The Catbird is like my favorite!  Always around when I'm working in the garden.  Always so chatty and friendly...and brave.
 Ubiquitous immigrant from across the pond--like many of us!  And look at how in 1930 this pour little bird is vilified.  Sad.
The Tuft Titmice are my neighbors.  They are community minded and love my fountain.  They are not overly intrigued by human commerce, but why should they be?  They are so engaged in there own!

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