Thursday, December 29, 2016

I Shall Live!

My doctor liked what he saw in my appointment on Tuesday.  He apparently thinks I good to go to outlive small feat these days...  To celebrate the end of my fast and successful blood letting for biannual work-ups, I went first to Kramers Books & Afterwards Café for brunch and "Croque Madame".  OMG, I'd forgotten how decadent and rich this dish was!
But the best part of the appointment came out of our discussion of a wee issue that I mentioned to him back in June.  This involved my plumbing and changes to the sexual aspects of it.  He gave me some advise and I took it to heart at the time and then ignored it.  Sure, the change in things was annoying, but not debilitating, and I guess I just expected some changes as I got older...

This time he folded the needed the tests into the routine blood work.  Prior to this, my doctor asked, "So how frequently are you sexually motivated?"

I immediately made a down-turned face of "Oh golly disappointment" and said, "Well, actually it has effected my libido. I'd say maybe only 3 or 4 times a week now..." And what happened next was so unexpected by me, and then so obvious that it delighted my heart to no end. He just burst out laughing! And he tried to contain it, but he couldn't. And my face took on the new expression of "is what I just said unusual?".... Eeek! And his laugh basically said, "If I could only get my libido angst ridden patients to that point--I'd be a genius!"

Life is good, my friends!

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