Thursday, December 15, 2016

USPS Simply The BEST

Today's mail included a larger than normal envelope with a big plastic window through which I could see a legal sized envelope addressed to me with a familiar return address on it. 
  I flipped it over to read the back and for some reason that was not specified or even apparent on the original letter, the USPS felt obliged to offer me their apologies.

The envelope had been opened--and was sealed with packing tape, not something that the sender would have probably done, but the contents of the letter was intact and without damage (as was the envelope short of having been opened) Odd. But glad the USPS is so conscientious to bring me this very precious piece of mail.  The letter inside was from a friend just recently diagnosed with dementia.  She has begun writing to those she loves and telling them how much and why she loves us before we fade from her memory.  More precious than gold.

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