Friday, December 16, 2016

Priority Mail

In my holiday packages I got one thing kind of backward... I ended up sending my one international package last! But here's why: when I send packages, I send them with stamps on them! Afterall, isn't that what stamps are for? Plus it makes them look lovely, and generally, people like to get my packages festooned with colorful stamps. But here's an odd caveat. The United States Postal Service produces stamps that it does not sell at all of it's branches! Some, you need to order from them online to be sent to you by them to use... Stamps like the Priority Mail stamps with extraordinary denominational values. And if one wants to send a package, say to Australia, it is helpful to have a stamp with the value of $22.95 on it--in fact, it requires more than one such stamp.

For many years now, these stamps have been designed with a vintage travel poster look and depict various, random sites around the country--lots of bridges, in particular... I think they are really beautiful stamps and since most of you will never see their beauty, I have made this collection of them for your holiday enjoyment.

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