Saturday, July 23, 2016

Dream Results!

A Democrat can dream, right? Let's assume that 1) Trump is unmasked as the complete and total incompetent bully with the attention span of a guppy (10 seconds) that he is, 2) that his mild-mannered, brown-shirt lite Veep running mate is the very model of an ancient major general who believes in the unmitigated lack of humanity in GLBT people, the 3/5th status of minorities as human beings and the utter Biblical subjugation of women (that his policies have always consistently expressed, and 3) ONLY the un-educated lovers of trump and the truly racist white loosers of this nation vote for him--at least those who can actually bother to do so. Couple this with a tsunami of progressive, modernity loving, formerly oppressed, and presently oppressed citizens...and well, It could happen.
Map 1: The new Senate. I have no doubt Democrats will regain the Senate. The seats are there: Feingold in Wisconsin, Duckworth in Illinois, Hassan in New Hampshire, Strickland in Ohio and McGinty in Pennsylvania. After that the only question will be how much farther can we run the table?
Map 2: I will not be happy until 51 senators are women. I hope I live long enough to see this happen. In my dream scenario we move 5 seats closer.

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