Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thai Pork Patties!

 A lovely gift out of the blue for my friend Donnamarie of this wonderful little cookbook precipitated this adventure.  And it's results were pure gold!
 I love how this author also give you options--the very sorts of things I would do on my own, but so many cooks fail to consider.  It's your dinner--adjust accordingly!  For example: I didn't choose to fry them. I cooked them in the oven. 450˚ 5 minutes on side A, 5 minutes on side B. 3 minutes back on side A. Then I turned on the broiler. Continued with side A for 2 more minutes, then side B for 4 minutes, watching to perfect level of char.
The side "salad" is made of red rice noodles, with carrot, purple cabbage, scallions, peanuts and Thai basil leaves.  On all scores and wonderful meal!

And a day later?  Another great meal.  Thai Pork Pattie sandwich!

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