Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chrysler Museum of Art: Ancient Worlds and Non-Western Art

The non-Western/Ancient Art galleries for from the Kingdoms of Egypt, Greece and Rome, to the Dynasties of China, Japan, Korea, India, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Kingdoms of Africa.  And the works are of an exceptional quality for their limited quantity.

"Sekhmet" New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, Reign of Amenhotep, circa 1390-1353 BCE
"Lintel of the God's Wife Amenardis" circa 740-656 BCE
"Standing figure in Military Dress" Roman, circa 1-100 BCE
"Gladiator" Roman, circa 1-100 BCE
"Funerary Model in the Form of a Circular Granary" Chinese, circa 1279-1368
"Funerary Sculpture in the Form of a Two-Wheeled Cart Pulled by an Ox" Chinese 8th Century
"Helmet Mask" Senufo People of the Ivorian coast, circa 1930-40

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