Monday, April 03, 2017

Such a beautiful day today!  It got me in the mood after yesterday's visit to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore to start figuring out the scheme for my own Garden Zoo for this year.  I'm leaning toward designing it so that animals from relatively adjacent regions are found in adjacent container/pot habitats.  And to this end I've begun my focus on the America's and North America in particular.  I had already set out habitats for both the White-tailed Deer and the Black-tailed Deer and the American Bison.  So, today I added to this area: the Beaver, the Timber Wolf, the Pronghorn Antelope, the Canadian Lynx, and the Galapagos Island Tortoise.

 Additionally, I worked on creating the habitat for the Common Hippopotamus.  I now have a herd of 10 with 2 bulls, 5 cows, and 3 calves.

 Don't they seem to have personalities?  I think they do!--but I've yet to give them names...

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