Sunday, April 16, 2017

Omar's Carriage House

After my drive and visit to the Chrysler Museum of Art, I returned to Page House for a well needed nap!  And then it was up off to dinner at Omar's Carriage House.  Based on my pre-trip research, it seemed like the best place to go.
I planned my trip to Norfolk months in advance and based on where I was staying the venues I was visiting I researched a series of restaurants in the area.  Based upon the menu and ratings I chose Omar's Carriage House with great anticipation.  Here are the good things.  It's a lovely setting.  The staff is incredibly accommodating, helpful, and to the server who helped me, downright cheery.  And that's probably why I felt compelled to lie when she asked me how my food was.  I wanted it to be as amazing as I had hoped it would be.  Here is the truth of my personal experience.  I ate there on a Thursday evening that was rather slow.  The beet salad was delicious.  I asked the server for a recommendation and she gushed on the Duck, so I ordered the Duck.  The Duck was nothing special at all.  I eat a Thai Crispy Duck at a local DC restaurant for half the price and it tastes circles around this duck.  Furthermore the Sweet Potato Hash was old, and luke warm and just nasty.  Not anything I would have ever have served to a guest in my home.  Likewise the Brussels sprouts were dry and chewy in a way that only a cow could appreciate.  I'm sorry that I told the lovely young woman otherwise, but I've learned a valuable lesson.  If I'm ever again in such a situation--I honestly won't pay for poorly prepared food like this.  And would never recommend this place to anyone.
Roasted Beet Salad
The Duck

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