Sunday, April 16, 2017

Chrysler Museum of Art: Glass Galleries

The great patron of the Chrysler Museum, William Chrysler was a great fan of glass art and so it's no wonder that the museum host a truly amazing collection of glass in it's many forms and over many years.
"Bowl" Roman, circa 100-300
"Compote" by New England Glass Company, circa 1850-60
"Dragon Bowl" by Thomas Webb & Sons, circa 1885
"Woman in a Pergola with Wisteria" by Tiffany Studios, circa 1915
"Flower form Vase" by Quetzal Art Glass & Decorating Company, circa 1915
"Glass Mounted on Wood" by Josepha Gasach-Muche, circa 2011
"Radio Red Reprise, II" by Michael Taylor, 1999

Cinerary Urn, William Morris, 2002

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