Monday, April 17, 2017

Virginia Zoological Park, part 4: Asia - Trail of the Tiger #3

And so it is that the last animals encountered in the Trail of the Tiger are the Tigers!  A pair of brothers from the Malayan sub-species of the six remaining strands of this amazing animal.  I learned from the zookeeper that the Indochinese or Southern Chinese is the rarest and doomed to extinction with only 17 animals left all in Chinese Zoos.  The genetics have ceased to be viable at this point.  Here the Malayan Tigers are the most common in captivity, which made me glad that I had recently seen a Sumatran Tiger at the National Zoo in Washington, DC and 4 Amur Tigers at the Philadelphia Zoo.  I'm sorry that for these animals the only viable viewing was through tinted plexiglas.
Malayan Tiger, Panthera tigris jacksoni

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