Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Inspired Breakfast!

Sometimes I just crave vegetables--like I'm channeling the witch from "Into The Woods"!

So this morning I did the following:

1) I grabbed some florets of Broccoli, a couple of stalks of Asparagus, a couple of Scallions, 2 inches off the end of a Zucchini and to baby Portobello Mushrooms (technically a fungus, I know), and chopped them up, tossed them in some Olive Oil and roasted them lightly for about a minute, it's very tricky, you gotta get it just right or you'll make charcoal before you know it!

2) I toasted an English Muffin

3) I scrambled two eggs

4) I made a cup of Hollandaise sauce.

5) I chopped up some fresh Parsley

Finally, I set the toasted English Muffins on a place, placed the scrambled eggs over them, added the roasted vegetables, poured on some of the Hollandaise sauce and then garnished with the fresh parsley.  I think I could eat this for breakfast every day!

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