Saturday, September 10, 2016

Van Sweringen's Council Chamber Inn

 Few places have been as carefully considered as St. Mary's City, Maryland from an historical and archeological perspective.  Acres of area have been explored and wherever a structure has been detected, a wooden frame has been placed as a marker.
 Overtime these sites have been excavated and researched to reveal their individual stories and once enough information has been attained, they have been rebuilt and transformed into part of the historical city.  Unlike Williamsburg, Virginia, the buildings of 17th century St. Mary's City, Maryland were abandoned for the most part after about 100 years in favor of a later, more well considered, capital of Annapolis.

 This is the latest addition to the historic sight and it's not only reconstructed, but rebuild with a specific historic story in mind...the visit of the governor.  Wonderfully done.

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