Sunday, September 25, 2016

National Arboretum: Asian Collection Exploration

 On this most lovely day, my Romeo and I went to the National Arboretum, but this time we skipped our favorite Fern Bank trail, for the Trails of the Asian Collections. This is a series of wooded areas planted to form the following Gardens: A) Korean Hillside, B) China Valley, C) Asian Valley, D) Japanese Woodland, and there is a Camellia Collection, a Pagoda, and a Gate to the Anacostia River. We did not get to every trail, but spent about an hour wandering up and down the trails and discovering the remnant blossoms of summer. I have to include the first photo--it's in the truck on the way and Romeo (buckled in from the back of his harness) always sits up so straight and tall! I love this kid so much.

 I've always found it fantastical that a meteorite wiped out the Dinosaurs but still managed to leave somewhere some vestigial outpost of life as to spare things like ferns and Ginkgos, and Magnolias, and Conifers through a period of tens of thousands of years of ecological devastation and climate disruption to survive pretty much intact into our present era.
 Romeo does love our National Arboretum adventures!

 He has the unbridled, if harnessed, curiosity of a curious cat.

 To take him a place with such beauty and so many plants to smell, and all he wants to do is smell is gravel.... Oh well!

 What's at the top?

These are the gardens nearest to where we had to park. The Dogwood Gardens, which are naturally more interesting in the spring.

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