Saturday, September 10, 2016


Last Sunday, I ran down to St. Mary's County in Maryland to visit with a friend of many years.  For lunch we went to our favorite fish dive--Courtney's.  This is the place to have fresh fish from the Chesapeake bar none...and nobody, but the locals (and now you!) know about it--and I am not going to give you directions.  The menu is based solely on what was caught in wee hours of the morning of the day to you arrive for a meal.  On Sunday, that meant Croaker.  And the Croaker was delicious!
 When we arrived, we noticed a little puddle left over in the parking lot from the last high tide around 4 AM.  With Hermine in the Atlantic, the tides were coming in a little higher than usual.

 The fresh fish basket with the Croaker.
We left around 1:30 and none too soon and the next high tide--still over 2 hours away had begun to flood the parking lot again!  By it's zenith, it would be up the lip of the second step.  Seafood restaurants don't get more authentic than this!

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