Saturday, September 10, 2016

Saturday Morning Snap Shot: Georgia on my Mind

Laying in bed reading when there came a loud rapping on my door. I tried to ignore it, but the rapper was persistent. On the other side was my neighbor Chung. She was standing there with another neighbor's dog--Georgia. 

In a grand ironic twist, Chung asked if I could keep Georgia.  She had found her wandering around the neighborhood and didn't want her to get hurt.  I said, "No problem."  And then Chung said, "Thanks, I'm late for a dog rescue meeting."  Seriously?  Chung works with a Pit Bull rescue group.

Georgia is a older big Rottweiler, and occasionally makes a break for it. She lives with a young couple, with a kindergartner and a newborn and two cats...It's a bit hectic I imagine. Georgia was all too happy to come in side.  She was clearly hot and in some distress.  She inhaled the little remnants of food left in Romeo's dish and then drank ALL of the water from dish and more after that!  It was about 11:00 AM, but it was also already really hot and humid.  I have no idea how long she was outside or out of her yard or without water or in the heat....  A look from my office window showed that now one next door was home.

So for that moment, I had two dogs under roof.  I ran up stairs and scooped up Romeo's bone collection anticipated a possible conflict.  Georgia is nearly twice Romeo's weight without but 20-30% more stature than he.  She is a think kid.  She's also twice his age.  For his part, he tried to be welcoming and stifling of his confusion, but sometimes she just pushed his limits!  He would lower his head and give her a good -- not gonna take it bitch bark burst.  Georgia just looked at him with a "sorry dude, no offense intended" glance.  Within about 20 minutes, Georgia is flopped down next to me here in the office. 

I really love her, too--but she's not a very good guest in Romeo's eyes!

I waited for an hour for Tim or Lee to return home and when they didn't I used the key that they had giving me to take her home and place her inside.  I checked for fresh water and left a note on the front door.  

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