Saturday, September 10, 2016

Another Stop: the Dove

 One of the highlights of any visit to Historic St. Mary's City is a chance to embark on the Dove.  The Dove is a recreation of a ship that would have been historical similar to the cargo carrying smaller of the two original vessels to bring colonists to Maryland in 1634.
 On board are knowledgable re-enactors who will provide for you a wealth of information about the ship, the journey, the period, the colony---anything you might want to know.

 You are also free to explore on your own.

 The tour includes a visit below decks where you discover a range of authentic artifacts, as well.

 This little plaque lets you compare the size of the Dove (left) to that of the Ark.  The Ark is more compatible to the Mayflower in it's size.  Against the vast Atlantic Ocean--they are both just a jot and tittle....

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