Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Recreated Piscatawy Indian Village

 A visitor to the park would begin their experience at the visitor's center.  Here you would explore a small museum and purchase access to various ticketed area of the historic St. Mary's City.  You could also enjoy informative placards and maps, see some of the hundreds of thousands of excavated artifacts and even admire models like this one of the Dove.

 An easy walk and world away from the visitor center is a recreated Piscatawy Indian Village with a garden (and an elevated hut for children to sit in while guarding the crops from birds and critters--as depicted by father Andrew White in the 1630's), a dug out canoe under construction, three shelters with artifacts and one that is tricked out with items that the English would have placed there in their initial habitation--before they built their own homes, they lived in the ones left by the Indians.

 Re-enactors are available to explain all of the items and places at the site.  It's very much as informative if only humbler in scope as the recreated Indian villages at Jamestown in Virginia or Plymouth Plantations in Massachusetts.

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