Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Closed for Up-Grades

Well, my earlier attempt at ridding the paper wasps from my Little Free Library failed. I awoke this morning to look out and see that the door frame had been broken and upon further inspection was greeted by a little hive of wasps. These are NOT the yellow jacketed ground hornets--I loathe them! They are vicious little useless gits. These are those gangly gentle folk that build such amazing colonies of papery hives. Sometimes they are called mud daubers, because they use water to help them form their fascinating incubators.

I surmise that someone stopped to visit the Little Free Library and being surprised by a wasp (or two) in their haste pulled away from the door and broke it. So I removed the books (as the wasps flew around curious of my presence). I removed the door and retrieved the broken piece with the handle. And then I did what I had to which I really didn't like... several flew away, 6 or so died in the spraying. I scraped the hive away from the apex of the inside of the LFL's vaulted ceiling.

I then set about repairing the door in the backyard. I returned to the empty open LFL only to discover that a couple of the wasps had returned. So I sprayed again. I let it set for a hour and returned to clean it out with a little bleach water. Later in the afternoon, I replaced the repaired door and posted a sign. I'll check it again tomorrow morning to see if any of the wasps have returned. I hope not.

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