Saturday, August 06, 2016

Practicing Random Acts of Kindness

For many years now, decades actually, I have practiced the art of gift giving.  It started after I fell in love with the axiom "Practice Random Acts of Kindness".  It has taken on a life of it's own that has also become reciprocal in many instances.  It's sort of an addendum on the "Do unto others" maxim--because in doing so others return the favor and before you know it you have a community of people practicing random acts of gift giving to one another!  It's a pretty cool thing.

You know what I love more than getting such wonderful gifts from my dear circle of friends--and let me assure you, each time I am so honored my heart fills anew with the wonder of it all--? Sending out gifts! Finding those things by pure happenstance or offer that one of you or my many other friends wants or needs--or doesn't even know that they want or need!--and preparing the package for post. I love stamps! I love giving gifts! And I love my friends! It's a win-win-win random acts of kindness sort of thing.  

And don't waste the self-adhesive borders and backgrounds that some with today's stamps!  Make the gift a total package, an all over thing of beauty!

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